what happened to Nicole's Balenciaga??

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  1. The bag looks bad, but she looks worse. She looks absolutely sickly in that photo.
  2. Looks like a pen leaked inside of the bag. I'm sure she has PLENTY others to choose from! LOL!
  3. Wow- Yeah I agree. She seems to look worse and worse! Poor thing!
  4. The real issue is her hair!! it's almost mullet-like. or her extensions are growing out and she hasn't noticed? capital BAD.
  5. poor bag.....it looks terrible! nicole doesn't look that great either!
  6. that is probably one of the worst photos ive seen of Nicole, and her bag too!

    she looks sickly thin. She needs medical help...NOW.
  7. She looks so sick. Hopefully she'll get the help she needs soon.
  8. yech. She is ILL.
  9. Poor Balenciaga...
  10. oh boy...looks like ink..
  11. I love Nicole and her bags. I'm not so crazy about the Balenciaga's, but that particular color (puke green?) on her skeletal figure is hideous.

    Poor thing. I sure hope she gets some help....and fast.
  12. double yuck
  13. I feel so bad for that Balenciaga. :sad:
  14. Forget the bag.. She needs some serious help. That's just Gawd awful