What happened to my Quick Links on the nav bar?

  1. I can't access my profile, my buddy list, anything I used to get from the Quick Links menu. :sad:
  2. In order to cut back on the more complicated functionality of the forum, I've removed it. Many inexperienced members are confused by the overwhelming number of functions.

    You can still access all the funtions in your Control Panel.
  3. Hmm... well, OK, I can see my Buddy list, but I can't see if my Buddy is online. Is there still some way to do that, please?
  4. I guess I will just bring it back...
  5. :shame: I don't mean to be a troublemaker. :shame::shame: Really.

  6. Oh no offense taken! I just thought that feature wouldn't be missed at all.
  7. :tender:
  8. We should be back in business. :yes:
  9. Yay! It's back! It's back! Thank YOU!!!!:yahoo: