Tech What happened to my phone? Apps don't work correctly (Android)

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  1. My phone (Samsung Galaxy S) started acting all crazy while I was on vacation with my family.

    I looked at me phone and it had restarted on it's own - it asked me for my pin. I put it in and everything (the app symbols) looked "old". The google widget was the "old" version, as was the Google Play Store / Android Market. I couldn't open ANY apps, the phone did that weird vibrating thing (once and then three times quickly) and wouldn't allow me to open the apps.

    I deinstalled all of them and reinstalled them, but some apps still aren't working correctly. The eBay APP says that I need to wipe my phone to the factory settings in order for the app to work again. It's really weird!

    I don't want to wipe my phone because I took a lot of pictures that I don't have on my computer.

    Does anyone know what the heck happened?

    Also: a number of apps won't keep me logged in (tPF for example). Every time I use the app I have to log in. Before this weird thing happened I was constantly logged on.
  2. I guess nobody knows??

    Well, I set my phone back to factory settings last night and everything seems to be working fine. Have no clue what happened...
  3. FYI, when you wipe your phone, it should only wipe the system folders, not your internal storage card (where all your docs/photos, etc are).
  4. Thanks Charles. I backed up all of my photos anyway but I was happy to see that they were all there after I wiped my phone :smile:

    The only thing that WAS gone were all of my texts, but I backed them up before hand and was able to restore them :smile:
  5. I have the galaxy s3 and since last night forum is not working.

    I keep getting a message:

    The remote server sent an unknown response. This could be a result of the forum software plugin being outdated or having conflict.

    What should I do?
  6. Never mind I found the answer :smile:
  7. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. The last time it did that to me, that worked.
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    So what's the fix for this? I had this issue all last night with my HTC phone, and never could get on the forum via the app. Just tried to get on via the app again, and it's still not working for me.

    ETA: Nevermind...found the thread in the "feedback" subforum about this issue.
  9. I did and nothing, but glad I found the problem here:smile:
  10. Yes me too glad it's not my phone :roflmfao:
  11. :lol: So am I!
  12. I have the s3 and apparently I d/l some the phone didn't like.I reset to factory and all us fine. I am sure I was driving best buy nuts to fix it. I backed up all my stuff first also.
  13. perhaps some of the apps must have messed up. do u have a paid anti virus in your phone. Might as well buy it to keep it on a safer side. I have bought the AVG on my phone so that it is protected from spam and unsafe apps. This shouldnt happen but its ok so it seems all good. Try to ugrade your phone with S advance or S 2....these 2 are also good ones.