What happened to my Chloe?

  1. I've purchased a Chloe Quilted Bay Shoulder Bag from Neiman Marcus in June and has only used my bag for a week now. I'm sad to say...I noticed there is a small piece of leather missing from the front of the bag. :crybaby:

    Has this happened to you? Do you suggest for me to take my bag back to Neiman Marcus to ask for an exchange?
  2. Oh My! I'd definitely take it back to the store and have them give you new one.:tdown:
  3. NM has always had excellent customer service. I'd take it back.
  4. you can ask NM if they repair bags or send bags out for repair. i have a friend who's zipper pull came off of her bay bag & she took it back to Nordstrom & they were able to order the part b/c my friend REALLY didn't want to give up the bag.
  5. definitely take it back to nm, since you just bought it i'm sure they will either replace it or fix it at no charge
  6. i had one of the nails in on the lock plate come loose after owning my paddingtion satchel for 1 month. Nordstrom had to send it to chloe in nyc, then nyc had to send it to paris.... etc. the whole ordeal took 3 months to repair ONE nailhead. absolutely the most inefficient system for a $1600. bag. i think that i got a bag that someone already used and returned back to nordstrom.
  7. Yeah... unfortunately, thats all Nordys can do. I had an issue with one of my Paddy Locks and it was a pretty long ordeal as well, but I guess I don't mind waiting to have something be "perfect" for me. lol