What happened to macys.com free shipping on order over $100?

  1. when i registered a few days ago, they gave me a code for free standard shipping on order over $100 on my first purchase. the code does not have any expiry date. today I was trying to place an order with a credit card I have just used to pay for an order placed at clinique.com about 5 minutes earlier, macys.com gave me an error message that they are unable to process my order and I had to select another form of payment (at this time the free shipping code did work). So I've tried to re-enter all my billing information. After I saved the edited billing info and continued to check out, another error message appears saying that they don't regconize my promotion code :crybaby: . OMG why does it have to be so annoying to place an online order at macys? :cursing:

    I also tried to register under a new email address but no free shipping code this time.

    Now what do I do? I'm overseas and trying to place an order so I can't call them. Whenever I email them, all I get is you have to call this number, that number and the customer service department I emailed to was unable to help.

    I just want to place an order yet there's too much hassle :hysteric:

    sorry for the long post , hope i post in the right place (as it has something to do with promotion code!)