What happened to "i spy balenciaga"?

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  1. Did they just stop posting?

  2. I was wondering too...
  3. Umm...what's that?
  4. i was wondering the same thing! i hope nothing bad happened to "them" or whoever that special b-bag angel is...
  5. Beauxgoris, there was too much controversy about this Eggplant City that was on ebay because a lot of ladies thought it was fake and others thought it was real and it just went on forever so I think it just became too much eventually. We are still not supposed to discuss ebay auctions here I think...
  6. How funny ... I assumed that beaux was talking about the thread where people record sightings of bbags "out and about" - the "Was this you?" thread... ???

    So do I win the prize, Beaux? ;)
  7. What the heck is the name of that thread, actually? I can't find it. But I just want to say thank you to Vlad for reducing the wait time required between searches to 30 seconds .... hallelujah!! ;)
  8. ^bumped it up for you
  9. Yep...that's it! Thanks so much incoralblue and tod!
  10. Haven't really check out the above thread so far!!!