what happened to Hayden Harnett's Havana???

  1. I last logged in 2008 (went through some big life changes in past 3 years), but here I am, on a renewed purse hunt. My fave "wish list" bag is the Havana hobo, but I don't see it on the HH site. Is it no longer being made? :sad:(((
  2. It is my favorite too. I think there are supposed to be new ones in March. I don't remember who posted that or in which thread, but I remember that it was posted.
  3. There's lots on eBay/bon so def worth a look and I think someone saw on facebook that new ones were coming in march.
  4. Hi! I think that HH is going to have some new Havanas for the Spring/Summer in March???

    Until then, there are a few on Bonanza.com and eBay. :smile: The Havana is a GREAT bag!