What happened to dry vachetta that is not a handle ?


Apr 12, 2008
I am just cleaning my vachetta with baby wipes (that only spread the mark around) pencil eraser (very gently) but it is not on the handle. The mark looks better even though I am still hitting myself over the head for the fact that I tried to clean a small scratch mark and ended up with a big spot.

I always do that ! :crybaby:

Now I am really hoping that the vachetta will patina soon. Not too dark, just honey colour, then hopefully the colour will blend.

Now, this mark is not on the handle, it is at the bottom of the bag.

I have read that the vachetta get moisture from the hand. But what happened when it is not the area that is not normally touched ?

Also, not the handle is so much darker than the other parts due to the positioning in the car (gets more sun no matter how I tried to position it) !

Tried to moisture it with La Mer BUT it just get darker so I promptly wipe it off again with baby wipes.

Now it will pains me everytime I look at that bag as it is a new new new bag !

I am so miserable.

I shall not not not clean stains by myself ever again !


♥Another Semester♥
Jun 21, 2008
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Please dont use face or body moisturizer. Also from what I experienced, baby wipes do make vachetta darker afterwards.
I have cleaned it before and it works well using mr clean magic eraser. Please use leather conditioner afterwards.



You cant remove nail scratch on vachetta... You can always get new vachetta at lv for less then 300 (depends on the bag)