What Happened To Courtney Love's Mouth? *shocked*

  1. [​IMG]
  2. She is mentally challenged. There is something very wrong with her.
  3. She's had soo much plastic surgery.
  4. ^^^^ I have to agree with you both ladies, she is mentally challenged and apparently she's had too many plastic surgeries.
  5. She's nasty.
  6. Did she get into a fight? With those ugly red gloves, perhaps, from the other day??
  7. Omg!!
  8. :lol:
  9. EEK! She's so creepy. What the h did she do now?
  10. I strangely like her but she definitely has major problems.
  11. That picture definitely grossed me out.
  12. Never mind the nasty mouth...what's wrong with her eyes?!? This woman is very troubled. The scary thing is she has a teenage daughter.
  13. Meth Mouth!!
  14. uh....Halloweens a month away Courtney :s
  15. WTF! Looks like her lip was cut open...