what happened to coach?

  1. i was looking through the archives, and shocked to see that just a couple of years ago, coach made some really beautiful bags, but these days i just get more dissapointed as time goes on. like in my other thread about what you want from this season, the frenzy isnt there, theres one or two choice pieces and thats it. when did they get their latest designer? is it true that they have this one guy who designs them all? what happened to variety? am i the only one that feels this way?:sad: i mean i love coach, and their merchandise is great, but after seeing what they were capable off..its like a let down..
  2. Last time I was in a Coach store, it seemed to be the same styles but in different colors. Nothing new and exciting for me.
  3. This is both good news and bad. Good cause it enables you to save up more for other stuff when they bring out their new season's stuff out and they're all lovely. Bad cause we want to see something we want so we can get it now. LOL.
  4. I completely agree that coach has not come out with something new and innovating! I love coach bags and own a bunch of them in all types of styles and love special editions because after a while you cant buy them and not that many ppl will have them because of that..anyway, its been a while since i've said "omg, i've got to get that coach bag!" i used to say that a lot when they came out w/their new line but recently they just come out w/the same styles but diff. colors or patterns, whats up with that?? coach ppl, please be more innovative! i love coach and would like to feel excited about a coach bag again. ladies, you are not alone!
  5. I have been very disappointed w/ most of the new stuff lately. :sad:
  6. My biggest complaint with Coach is that I'll LOVE something on the website/catalog, but when I see it in person it's the complete opposite reaction. It's true in reverse- the uglier the object is in photos, the more I adore it in the store. I know this is true for everything, but it seems like Coach works especially hard to confuse me. lol
  7. I feel more let down seeing how low prices used to be! LOL. .:shame: :sad:
  8. You are def not the only one. I love some of the older coach bags but this season has been a huge disappointment. I don't like any of the new bags. Hopefully they will come out with something better!
  9. I agree with abandoned.. I really don't see the justification for the HUGE price hikes. They moved their factory to China for crying out loud!!!
  10. word
  11. to your mother. :lol: :roflmfao:
  12. Foxhunt, I totally agree! Whenever I fall in love with something either in the catalog or online, I see it in person and was like "Eeek! That's what I was looking at???" But then I'll turn around and see something that I DIDN'T like in the catalog that is so much cuter in person. *sigh*
  13. You hit it dead on. :yes:
    This has made me move on to other brands.
    Not too long ago my husband offered to buy me a new bag from Coach - any one I wanted. We went in there but there was literally nothing that I really wanted (I wasnt going to get something unless I was in love with it). He ended up suprising me with an LV a little while later (thats a whole nother addiction now!).
    Funny thing is yesterday he was complaining about how never should have gotten me off of Coach. :lol:
  14. :roflmfao: so true!
  15. I agree...Looking back at Coach in the archives they look soo beautiful & different. I wasn't into them (I didn't know about them or any designer until like 2 years ago) then & I wish I was...They were better designed & cheaper. It is the same pattern & designs every season just different color. Like the scribble, patchworks, etc.