What happened to Cartier Panthere?

  1. Hi ladies, thought I might take a break from work and distract myself by getting a solution to something that's bugging me.

    The Cartier Panthere watch is a classic timeless design that I have always admired, though I have never been in a position to buy:push:. Now that I am occasionally in the mood to browse for the finer things, I discover the Panthere is apparently not on the Cartier website. What's up with that? :hysteric:

    Does anyone know? Am I panicking over nothing? :sad:

    And on that note, what are your thoughts on this pre-owned Panthere?


    I really like it, though I would prefer two-tone. Is the mid-size big as compared a ladies size? Does anyone own this watch model?

  2. Bitten, I believe I saw them in the store just a few weeks ago.
  3. I've always like the Panthere and thought I would add it to my (small) Cartier watch collection one day.

    I remember going to the Boutique last year and asking about it and the SA telling me they were discontinued.

    I bought something else, a Tank, but I am on the lookout for that style of bracelet. They'll probably come out with something like it again, but it may take a few years.
  4. The closest thing I have seen is a Santos Demoiselle, which I like, and would probably settle for, except that I am a bit too taken with the Panthere bracelet...it's just so... nice :graucho:
  5. I have an old Cartier Santos Two-Tone with the screws in the bracelet, not the Santos Demoiselle.

    I think the Panthere had a more feminine looking face and bracelet, which is why I always wanted to get that one.
  6. As I was leaving the trade about 2 years ago,they had discontinued the Panthere and it was replaced by the Demoiselle,you could probably still find a few around but it kind of got round,and anyone who had lusted after them for ages took the opportunity to get one..........
  7. Does anyone know exactly when this model was discontinued?
  8. This is such an old thread but I'm going to ask here for more info anyway.
    I recently inherited this watch from my grandmother, and I can't find any information on it. It is beautiful, to say the least, a typical elegant ladies' gold watch which she hardly used.
    Does anyone know anything about the history and make of this watch? Thank you.
  9. Omg I saw the blurb with the thread on my app and my heart sunk as I thought this was in regards to the ring! Crisis averted.