What happened to Bagborroworsteal?

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  1. The "couture" collection bags are unavailable again. Anyone know what happened?

    They've only been doing it a short time. Hmm. I wonder if it wasn't as successful as they planned (I know that having got everyone's opinion, I myself decided not to join), or maybe there are some unexpected kinks? Not enough bags? Wierd.
  2. Vlad or I can ask one of the people there- they are quite great! I'll see if we get a response and let you know. Their service is great though in my opinion!
  3. The whole renting a bag is a cute idea...But somehow I don't find it practical. But it can just be me...so...yeah...
  4. I thought I saw this the other day (when I was doing a Google search on one of the designer handbags).

    I'm not sure that I would want to 'borrow' a bag ... I've always found that other folks never take as good care of something that you would (if you own it). I had a roommate who loved to "borrow" my stuff, and then would 'return' it (after much harping by me) in sad shape (cigarette burn holes, smelly, dirty, etc.). I finally moved out, but before I did, I happened to notice a fair amount of my stuff (clothes, jewelry, etc.) missing!