What happened to B. Makowsky bags?

  1. I had one bookmarked at Ebags but they're not carried there anymore. So I hopped on over to B. Makowsky's website, which is still there, but no longer shows any product. Are they going under?
  2. I noticed that Macys had them all on sale now-I returned mine-much as I loved it because it smelled funny from the beginning. The lining and inside were so usable, and it was lined with cute, bright colors of paisley. Anyway-I know that one of the shopping network carried his bags-I think QVC-check there. :yes:
  3. Endless.com carries the brand - they have quite a few.
  4. After I posted the original thread, I hopped over to Endless.com and there they were. They seem to sell good on QVC.