what happened to all the chevre???

  1. so, i'm craving a chevre for my first birkin. i love the sheen, weight, and how the colors POP in chevre. seems like the bright, fun colors aren't currently available:crybaby:

    i'd love fuschia, violet, or rouge vif...

    does anyone know if i could podium order/special order any of these colors in chevre?

    will hermes ever bring back these colors in chevre?
  2. Good thread, this is what I would like to know.
  3. What happened to all the chevre???

    They are here......


    but I'm luring them here.......


    via here. Job done!

  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

  5. fleursetcarlines - nice pics! lol. i hope that's MY bag they are making!!!
  6. Bien sur!
  7. LOL, Fleur!!!!
  8. Are you sure? It feels like they are still here:


  9. No those ones are Troika covered cardboard cut outs!
  10. Fleurs - you crack me up!

    There is a new chevre coming, but only in Kellys at the moment. Only in a few colours, though.

    Chevre will be back, for sure. They're just doing different things at the moment...and they'll probably have other similar bright colours in the future! Don't fret!!

    But kim, they haven't been doing fuschia or vif for more than a year, now. Perhaps ask your SA about an SO?
  11. I just saw the swatches of the new chèvre Mangalore wich is TDF, it's even more shiny than the chèvre we were used to, and there's this very strong and saturated new color called Paon, I've been obsessed by this color for the last days...
  12. ^ I saw the swatches, too, tt, aren't they groovy!!
  13. ^^^ Yes they are, and this is a real problem because I won't have the funds for another extra bag, and I am already committed to raisin box. Ouch! Anybody needing an extra kidney for Paon's sake???
  14. ^ LOL....actually...yes, I do...but that's another story!

  15. Now thats what you call
    Obsessive Hermes disorder :wacko:

    OHD for short