What Happened?? Damier Ellipse

  1. Hmmmm....

    I was wondering....Wasn't LV going to make the Ellipse in Damier???:shrugs: I remember there be talk about it; back when the Damier Speedies came out.

    Are they still going to do so..?? Or Did they decide not to????
    What happened?? Anyone know?:confused1:

  2. No idea, but I would love a damier ellipse, should they decide to make it...
  3. Yes, ellipse looks really good in damier AND epi!!!:love: Here are some pics of the SO bags!!!
    PICT4435.jpg PICT4436.jpg PICT4437.jpg PICT4439.jpg
  4. That would be SO perfect for me, my DH was going to get me an elipse on honeymoon 7 years ago but they were out of stock, so I got something else and since then never got around to the elipse because I've grown to not want anymore mono canvas, especially with vachetta handles.....I still love the bag though, this would be perfect!! I don't want to special order so that would be just fantastic if it came out!
  5. WOW! i agree with Irene, i love it in black epi and damier, too GORGEOUS!
  6. Beautiful if they are going to make it! WOW!
  7. Red epi would be HOT!
  8. OMG the red Epi! Wow.
  9. Love it in Damier!

    Hippiechic, your dog is simply adorable! :smile:
  10. ^ quite lovely in the damier indeed!
  11. Oooh I'm more interested in the navy mini mono trouville, so cute !
  12. Ayla, there isn't a damier noe is there? Not talking about the azur.
  13. Nice pics Irene! Thx!!!!!!!!:yes: Very interesting to see the bags in different LV lines.
  14. The Damier Ellipse looks great but all the Looping bags look absolutely amazing in Damier! :nuts:

    Thanks for posting! :flowers:
  15. There isn't a damier noe in a reg. LV line but you can SO one as well. Here is a pic: