What happened?!?!! CR@POL@

  1. I just realized that the glass part of the handle is no longer there. it fell off!!! does anyone know how much it is to get this fixed??? i'm sooooooooooooo sad.:crybaby:
  2. Love your lead line/title to this thread :nuts:! I think only Fendi or the original store it was purchased from can replace the spy glass.
  3. I recently have the same problem, but luckily I found the cap and told Saks to glue it back but unfortunately theyr' so stupid that they glued it backwards, so now they're ordering a whole new wand for me to be replaced...so maybe try the place where u originally bought it or fendi shop. good luck
  4. Maybe you could get the glued wrong one (tell them just in case it falls off and gets lost!) and give it to nancy
  5. I would go back to the Fendi boutique or where you may have got it from to get it fixed.
  6. i bought it on eBay...
    i'm so sad.. but i still carry it with me...

    OHH funny story guys!!
    i was at the beverly center yesterday and in the elevator, this snotty anorexic looking girl comes into the elevator. she backs up and steps on my precious toes and i said "OUCH!!" she apologizes and then has the audacity to ROLL HER EYES!!! i was seriously about to break her in half. i checked her out and guess what.. she had a fake black spy on her arm.
    as soon as i got out of the elevator - she got off on the same floor too - i said out loud to my cousin "why do people carry fake bags? they're so nasty. ew!"
    i hope she heard!

    i called the fendi store and they said that they won't repair it if i don't have a receipt :sad:

    what am i going to do?????
  8. Oh no Nancypants!!! I don't know what to tell you, but that's so sad Fendi won't help without a receipt. :sad:
  9. Nancypants......i would call Fendi again and speak to the manager. The Fendi boutique here repairs any Fendi regardless of where it was bought....it does not have to be bought at their Fendi. LV has same policy....

    best of luck!!!! if i can help you in any way, please PM me. I absolutely hate when this happens: with a pricey highend bag, the store should fix it regardless of where it was purchased