what happend to my Artsy mm :'(

Apr 18, 2011
I drove 45 mins to the nearest LV and bought the Artsy . I got it home inspected it only to find cracking on the top of the bag . I took it back the same day but they had no more . :sad: so I drove to another store 1hr 30 mins away . I got to choose from 3 . One wasnt lined up at all . One had a bummpy handle the 3rd was perfect . I drove home . I tried to wear the bag for the first time on Valentine's day and it sliced my thumb . Thier was a sharp piece of brass on one of the brass rings . So the next day I drove to my store where they had recieved 2 more . I inspected both like crazy and brought one home. I feel like a crazy lady returning this bag 2x . I just feel like it should be close to perfect . At least 3 rd time is a charm . I love it and can't wait for it to patina .. thanks for reading please tell me if you have had problems with a brand new never used artsy .
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Feb 11, 2013
Oh my!! This has never happened to me but you would think that Louis Vuitton would have PROPER QUALITY CONTROL on their products!!

Queen Maria

Feb 23, 2012
Baltimore ( Ravens nation )
I have my artsy almost a year and she's

Perfect ! No cracking at all and I use it
during summer with short sleeves or
tank tops. " they said " it's from
deodorant ??? But, I don't really
think that was the cause. because
I used deodorant everyday and carry
artsy all summer and so far no cracking !!!!

I hope someone will chime in and
Can clarify as more !!!

Edit... I'm glad u found the perfect artsy !
I'm sure you'll love it ;)


Mar 23, 2012
The pattern on the first one I got was also really off. I inspected the second one much closer before I left.

Glad you finally got a good one!