what happen when someone proposes you with all LE LV ever made in 50 yrs?

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  1. and no, this is not happening to me LOL

    but u should see this silliy hk movie called "shopaholics"
    it's actually a lot like the book shopaholics by sophie kinsella. but aside from that, all the bags in this movie are TDF!

    this is the trailer with english subtitle

    description of the movie :
    Shop 'til you drop in this snazzy comedy starring mega-star Cecilia Cheung (WHITE DRAGON, THE PROMISE)! Fong is a super-shopaholic who has landed herself into some serious debt. She seeks the help of Choosey (Lau Ching Wan), a psychiatrist who has hilarious psychological issues of his own. Enter billionaire Richie (Jordan Chan), a competitive shopaholic whose habit is to only buy what others want. Both men develop feelings for Fong, but will she pick money over moral matter? THE SHOPAHOLICS is a hilarious love-triangle that begs the age old question: Can money buy true love?

    a lot of eye candies in this movie, my fave part is in the end where she have to choose to marry his pysch or the rich man who proposed her with all LE LV ever made in 50 years! :drool: :drool: :drool:
  2. That's funny.
  3. That sounds like a cute movie.
  4. Lol, sounds like my kinda movie!
  5. ok i gotta get that and watch it!
  6. Sounds cute.

    Wow, I'd have a little trouble with this one! All that LV, whew.......
  7. total eye candy girls....
    this movie is worth a watch!

    more eye candy than the devil wears prada IMO
  8. Yea, ok, hey look, I'm an honest gal....

    I'd probably marry him!!!!!

  9. I'd divorce my wife and marry him:drool: . Is there any eye candy for guys??

  10. LOL u're tooo cute :roflmfao:
    actually i don't pay attention on the men's LOL
    i know, i'm bad... i'm working as a fashion stylist, but when it comes to a job where i have to dress men, i hesitate :roflmfao:
  11. :love: YAY! I love Cecilia Cheung!!!!! She's soooo pretty!!!

  12. me too!! she's so cute, she has this petite angelic face.
    i heard from my uncle in HK that her father is a mob though LOL
  13. I saw this movie a while ago. It was pretty cute. Definetly not a substabce full movie but definetly eye candy.
  14. I would give that man a honeymoon he wouldn't forget! LOL
  15. looks cute.