what happen to Ebats's rate!?

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  1. What happened!? It used to be 4% rebate for Elux, and now it's down to 3% and no free s&h:cursing: anyone noticed other rebate % dropped??
  2. ^ eluxury doesn't usually have free shipping. they did it twice during the past year during the fall and for the holidays.

    not sure why they dropped to 3%, though! i think mrrebates is still 4%... i'll have to check on that
  3. i was about to order some, yesterday (still at 4%), but finally got a chance to do it now, and discovered its 3%! Grr, siworae, do you think there will be double % on around V-day? i know it's going to be free s&h for V-day for sure, but w/% drop.....blah!
  4. awww... that sucks! i didn't realize ****** decreased the cash back percentage. i don't know for sure if they will do a double promotion again. they've done it 3 times between oct. and dec., but i'm not sure if it was some kind of holiday thing. they don't usually let us know in advance either. :sad: if you are in no hurry, then maybe wait it out?

    btw, i just checked mrrebates.com, and the cash back through that site is 4%. i don't recall if they've ever done any promotion though, likely not.
  5. thanks!
  6. ****** makes 8% off each sale they send to eLuxury. 4% used to go back to the ****** member.

    Maybe they are simply trying to grab that extra percent of commission for themselves.
  7. Wow ****** are such dirty scam artists taking our money... I refuse to assist them
  8. i think that is an unwarranted and unfair statement, considering that you are getting any money back on your purchases in the first place.
  9. I remember when it was just 3% for Eluxury. I was surprised when they increased it to 4%! I guess that they saw no real increase in customer interest when they increased it to 4% so they lowered it back down to 3%. Just a guess though.

    I love ****** regardless!! 3% is still better than nothing
  10. Amen to that!!:yes:
  11. 1% might not be that big of deal, but it could be when it comes to Cyber Days.....remember how everyone went crazy over those two days? mrrebates.com still offer 4%, but i'd hate to compare 2 site's rebate% before i make purchase...some of the hot ticket item could be flying off the warehouse while i compare.....
  12. They've done that before with beauty.com too, dropping it from a whopping 9% down to 6%. They raised it back up a week or two later. Just my experience.
  13. i hope is not a perm. drop :'(