What handbags would this Color Wallet match?

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  1. I was at the outlet today and purchased this Wallet. I'm not sure what colors it matches besides Pink and Orange? Would it look good with my Kahki/White Signature Ali Slim Flap or my New Blue Slim Carly? It's a Beautiful French Wallet I just had to have it!!

  2. Beautiful ! I am on a list for that wallet in a different color, they said there is a long list. Do you mind me asking how much they are selling them for ? So, I think you could use it with just about any color. Even with a black back and especially with a bag bag with a pink charm. That is the beauty that is Coach, you can mix and match and not necessarily match but coordinate. I think maybe the only one i wouldn't put it with would be the whiskey leather or natural but even white with some colorful charms and the legacy lining may work. It may even work with the chocolate color in a weird way. You should get the pink luggage charm that way you can attach it onto any bag you are using that has the brass hardware and it will help to coordinate your wallet.
  3. I think that wallet would look great in any bag with the Legacy Stripe lining! :yes:
  4. Magenta bleecker?
  5. How cute! :yes: I think it would look great and be a pop of color in almost any bag.. especially white and black!!! :tup:
  6. I agree that it would look nice with anything whiskey.
  7. it would look nice in anything black leather! :tup:
  8. yes and I also think anything just plain signature!
    maybe the vermilion signature stripe stuff?! they don't make too much orange stuff! but you could always match it with pink, and never go wrong with just black!
  9. Thanks for letting me know it will match my handbags- I didn't want to think it looked good just cuz it is so pretty to me--I love pink and wear alot of it but don't have a pink handbag,

    I will find a pink charm to hang on my handbag so it will blend with my new wallet.

    The cost was $199 minus 20 percent and another 10 percent == $155 with tax at the outlet. It was the only one they had and I grabbed it real fast.
  10. I have the same wallet and I tend to put it with bags whether it matches or not! But I agree with everyone else that it goes especially well with black or white handbags (I originally purchased it to go with a white Legacy Hippie). I also use it with signature/ebony bags, and I have another brand of bag that is similar in color to the orange trim that it is fun to use with.
  11. I think the important thing is that you will pull it out of your bag to use it and smile, it will cheer you up and make you happy, and in that sense it doesn't matter which bag you wear it with...wear it with ALL of your bags!