What handbag

  1. did you carry today ?

    for me it was my white Mc speedy 30, even though it had been raining. I'm trying to get over that hump of being scared.
  2. My H-H Mercer Satchel in chalk. I carried it over the weekend and hadn't had a chance to switch it out yet, but probably will tonight.
  3. Large Cole Haan Buckle Tote in Red (my perfect work bag).
  4. Juicy Couture hobo
  5. Coach Hamptons tote (work bag).
  6. My H-H Mercer clutch in yellow. Got it a couple of weeks ago and just LOVE it! Super soft and just barely big enough...
  7. I'm at Walt Disney World, so I'm sportin' my Gucci belt bag!
  8. Enjoy your trip!!
  9. Black Gucci Shopper Tote
  10. Hi, Swanky! Hope you're having a good time!
  11. LV Batignolles Horizontal.
  12. thank you! We're having a blast, even in the cool rain we got most of the day today!
  13. A camel-coloured leather tote bag that looks like a Mulberry Bayswater.
  14. my lil' black prada messenger. I had to work today.
  15. Mono Speedy 30. Hadn't used it for a few months and had forgotten how much I love this bag!