what handbag under $700 would look best with this watch?

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  1. http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/2961188

    in person, it looks like reeeeeally shiny chrome and it has a clean, futuristic, high-fashion look... it looks kinda off when worn with my marc by marc jacobs bags so i wear a smaller more simple watch with those.

    should i get the louis vuitton damier speedy to wear with it? kinda think it would look good with a black structured bag with silver hardware.

    lol yes, i know some people dont care about this kind of matchy stuff.

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  2. find a very plain black bag w/ silver HW. can't find one right now, but it would look best that it IMO
  3. any bag with silver hardware
  4. Love the watch! I would use a black bag with silver hardware and a silver chain, and since you mentioned MBMJ, maybe the Linda?
  5. How about an epi speedy in black?
  6. out of my price range now because i just bought an azur eva clutch and im in love with it so i dont wanna return it to get the epi speedy lol
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  8. how about that kelly bag Ferragamo made from aluminum?

    That looked cool.

    It was silver all over and futuristic.

  9. i would pick an all white bag with touch of silver hardware, or a more structured bag will look great in this, maybe a clutch?
    or something snakeskin i think will look fierce in this :P
  10. The watch is stunning but why would you match your bag to your watch... I mean a watch is something you wear everyday are you going to wear the bag that goes with it everyday...
  11. she doesn't have to wear the watch everyday
    ....or the purse that goes with it :smile:
  12. Either a true white bag with satiny silver (no antique) or a glossy (doesn't have to be patent) black bag with satiny silver.
  13. I agree a nice black leather bag like Marc Jacobs, Botkier, or RM w/silver hw.
  14. Definitely a matte black bag. No to the damier speedy though.