What handbag to give

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  1. Hello my fellow members.
    This blog is soooo addicting.:love: Anyways, I need help and/or ideas about what handbagto give to a dear friend. This will be her first designer handbag. The price range is up to $500. I don't want to give her that expensive one, because she really hates purses.:wacko: I was thinking Isabella Fiore. What do you guys think? Thanks so much for your ideas.
  2. you may find something in/near that price range at bobellisshoes.com

    check it out- several designers. many discounts. i just got the luella suzi from them for half price! love it.
  3. If she hates purses, maybe a better choice would be a watch or something?
  4. Thaks pursedoc, I will check it after school.
    Thanks Pseub,but she wants to have only one nice/designer purse! We have been friends since high school, so I want to give her one that is just beautiful, hopefully she will convert into an addict