What Handbag/Purse Are You Carrying Today?!


Do bags dream of being held?
Jul 14, 2016
So excited to see your BL beauty and be bag twins with you finally :smile:. She is so beautiful. I am glad you love it too. This color is really special IMO. Enjoy this baby :smile:. On a side note, I saw your post about dropping off your precious last month — hope you are doing ok, I know those first weeks after are hard but it gets “easier“ over time :hugs:
Thanks, Minda! I apprecaite the comfort and knowing that it gets better. I have had daily crying jags even though he attends the university in our town LOL. I am grieving childhood and the parenting phase of my life. I still have a 15 year-old at home, but it feels like time is moving too fast.

I will say my son is very happy at university, much happier than he's been at home. And now when he visits, he actually talks to us instead of moping in his room.


Dec 6, 2020
Yes Sunshine Mama! Gilty as charged! Lol. I just love the shape of it! My green for spring and summer and my black for fall and winter! I'm totally covered now. :smile: I would love to get an exotic version. :smile: I vision many things but I'm having a hard time visioning a croc toolbox in my collection. Lol
I wouldn’t say no to a croc toolbox either!❤️❤️