What Handbag/Purse Are You Carrying Today?!

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  1. Love the color & textures! The CH tassel looks fab with the braided/textured Alexa handle.
  2. Thank you, Mariapia!
  3. Velo again

  4. Thank you!
  5. my woc
  6. Love it when shoes and bag match. This set is sooo pretty!
  7. Went with my Miu Miu Coffer for an afternoon at the arcade with my little guy ImageUploadedByPurseForum1439577867.563330.jpg

  8. thank you^^. The top is from Zara
  9. Fossil
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  10. You have suede Bals don't you? How do they wear over time?

    P.S. You're killing it in that pic!
  11. Good-looking bag!
  12. Thank you :smile:

    :lol: I don't care ! I like to live with my stuff . I've got not a lifestyle which includes babying my bags :greengrin:
  13. Gucci Swing Mini