What handbag/purse are you carrying today!?

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  1. Please post which bag you chose for today! :tender:

    *This thread is a continuation from the other thread, we periodically close threads that get very long.
  2. Birkin
  3. Louis Vuitton Batignolles Horizontal here today :biggrin:
  4. Prada east west tote, black
  5. Pink rose Botkier Mini Sasha. Suddenly this seems to be the only bag I own that I really like.
  6. Today it's my Treesje Avalon. The patent leather is perfect for the wet weather and I just love how versatile the color is.:heart:

    Attached Files:

  7. Balenciaga 06 Greige Shopper
  8. LV MC Trouville
  9. Bottega Veneta Medium Veneta in ebano
  10. longchamp planete
  11. I've been carrying my Tano Kami Sutra to work all week, will switch it up tomorrow after work when I go out for drinks.

    Here's the pic I took yesterday for the Tano forum (everything fits way better than it looks in this pic, it's a very roomy bag):
  12. LV Tivoli PM!
  13. L.A.M.B. Smoke Logo Wiltshire
  14. Chanel black patent jumbo flap.:heart:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.