What Handbag Is This?

  1. [​IMG]
    What handbag is Lindsay Lohan wearing *on the right*?
  2. Rebecca Minkoff morning after bag in black basketweave.


    I shouldn't know this.
  3. Is that the larger one? It's beautiful. I really want one now. Do you know if this particular design is sold out? I haven't been able to find it on any online retailer.
  4. And what a quick response too! BUSTED!

  5. It is indeed the MA black/basketweave(not sure if it's a mini or full size). I have yet to come across a full size black/basketweave, but I've seen several in the mini version.
  6. Whoops, I was wrong - I did find a full-size black w/basketweave bag online.
  7. ^Where did you find it?
  8. Do you recommend the mini or the large size? The large looks cuter imo.
  9. I love the Mini size! Such the right fit IMO : )
  10. funkylala.com has it.