What Handbag, If Only One!!

  1. If for some heinous reason:sad: , you had to go to your closet RIGHT NOW...and toss all of your handbags except one:sick: ....which would you keep??? And what is getting tossed???? Here is my keeper...and in the out the door pile would be....Fendi Spy:Push: , LV Montsouris backpack, Chloe bracelet bag, Fendi vanity bag, LV trompe o'eil pouchette:rant: , There is quite a few more...but those are the heavy hitters. I would keep the Chanel, because I feel like it is timeless...and would go with everything!!!
  2. Wow, I can't do it. I can't let go of any of them. I would have to try to find a way out of it. Or make it look like I got rid of them then hide them. Definately would find a way out of that one!!!!
  3. Black Chanel Cambon Flap tote
  4. Black Chanel Grand Shopping caviar tote...such a classic piece!!!! Wait!...I don't think I would ever be able to toss the rest though...I would have to come up with a way to keep them! They're too precious to me!
  5. I know...the thought is just too horrible to bear:sad: ....but my best guy friend asked me the question a few days ago...and after much deliberation...I came up with the Chanel. There are bags that I :love: better...but none that I could use for such a multitude of purposes!!
  6. keep speedy because it's the only one of value. i would really miss my 20 dollar luella for target tote that i use for work though... :\ the rest are rarely used and not that special.
  7. It is impossible to answer that question - I cannot think of only one bag to keep. Or more accurately-speaking, I couldn't bear to toss out all of the rest of my bags.
  8. my red ferragamo bag.... I just love that bag.. but nope, will never toss any of my bags out.. lol
  9. ahaha.. if this was an emergency situation.. i would stay and DIE with all my bags!!!

    hehe..... erm.. i'll take my taupe/purple spy bag.. and leave all the others (argggghhh)
  10. Eeeek, what a horrible thought. I guess I would have to say...I'd keep my IF Flashback Audra. Ahhh, no fair no fair!

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    Oh, BTW LikeAFeather, I just LOVED every Shopaholic book there was, and all of her others too. I thought Becky was a bit flaky but I could relate to her sooo well. Remember her Angel Purse? LOL
  12. I'd keep my newest one, my Kooba Marcelle, not only because it's the newest, but it's also my most versatile and the only one picket out for me by my hubby. I feel so loved by him every time I carry it:love: .
  13. My Bottega Croc

    But I would find a way to save them all!
  14. Only if my life depended on making this decision!!!

    Keeping: Dk. brown Fendi Spy

    Tossing: Chanel 2.55 White Caviar Flap, LV vernis wallet, White Baby Spy, Fendi Selleria Tote bag
  15. The bag I use the most is a $50 The Sak leather hobo. Out would go my LV Babylone, a suede Bally, two Brahmins, a vintage Gucci...and then some.