What Handbag are you wearing today?!

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  1. Just like in the Shoe Forum, tell us! I think we are all dying to know (or maybe to tell) what bag you are using today!

  2. Unmmm ok.. I'll begin (since no one has yet!). I'm going to wear my black flap bag in caviar :P
  3. another Chanel here! My Luxe line metallic black flap!!!:love:
  4. Speedy 25...

    I was looking at the Le Sportsac Fizz Blue Medium Tribeca Tote earlier today (wow, what a mouthful.. hehe). I wanted to buy it, but I couldn't decide between that or the Love Bugs pattern :love:
    Le Sportsac Fizz Blue Medium Tribeca Tote.jpg Le Sportsac Love Bugs Medium Tribeca Tote.jpg
  5. Tods D bag in white. It is sort of like my big spring work bag. I like it a lot, but for the size of the bag I wish it had a larger interior pocket.
  6. My beige/white COCCINELLE :love:
  7. my turquoise lanvin heroine! Love this bag
  8. I'm not sure if I'm going out today (probably not as I have to study for finals), but if I do I'll be using my new purse.
  9. My 04' Turquoise Balenciaga City:love:
  10. Blush MJ Sport Multi-pocket :love: with my Lilly Pulitzer shift.
  11. Black Fendi Large Chef :smile:
  12. Mais Onatah PM
  13. My Balenciaga apple green hobo:love:
  14. Since it's a Sunday (layback day) I'm dressed really casual, so black City bag for me! I'm off to Tar-ge't and sunday family dinner!
  15. Went out for Sunday lunch so took my new medium Dior Gaucho in Red!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.