What hairspray do you use?

  1. I'm looking for a hairspray that feels like you don't have anything in your hair...any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Rusk W8less is suuuper light-- you can't even tell it's there. But the smell is kind of powerful IMO. The only thing I can think to compare it to is CKone. I asked for salon hairspray for Christmas and unfortunately I got 3 cans of it. It works really well, I'm just unsure about the smell. I usually use BigSexyHair or Kiwi Blaster Spray and I LOVE them, although they will make hair kinda stiff you use too much!
  3. i like tresEMME. i think theyre hairspray feels like you not wearin anythin
  4. Sebastian Shaper, and it feels like nothing is in your hair but has a wonderful hold.
  5. there's a brand called Davines that's italian that my salon has introduced me to - they're the same ones that introduced me to GHD - and i have a hairspray from them that's called No. 9 for Wizards. It's very light and keeps the humidity away. I'm also really impressed with GHD's firm hold hairspray (it's in a big black bottle, i think that's what it's called). It doesn't leave me feeling sticky at all as long as I hold it far enough away from my head.
  6. I really love Frederick Fekkai - couldn't be without it.
  7. Aussie mega flexible hold
  8. Paul Mitchell Worked Up and PM Hold Me Tight. Worked Up is what you use as you are styling your hair and Hold Me Tight is the finishing spray. Neither feels as though you have used product and the hold is amazing!!!
  9. Im not sure if you live in the midwest anywhere near a Mario Tricoci..but their hairspray is AMAZING. Their brand is "true match" and can sometimes be found on eBay. its def. my HG, been using it for over 3 years exclusively!
  10. I love Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece hairspray. It smells nice and it doesn´t make my hair stiff.