What hair color looks best on me?

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Which hair color looks best?

  1. Blue Black

  2. Dark Reddish Brown

  3. Dark Goldish Brown

  4. None of the above, just shave it all off!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. For the last couple of years, I have had some variation of dark auburn or dark golden brown, but yesterday, I decided to go JET BLACK. My sister says the color is too harsh, and she prefers the gold brown color. I kind of like the contrast, though now I have to change my makeup scheme. What do you think looks best?


    Dark Auburn:

    or Dark Brown w/gold highlights:
  2. I too like to change my haircolor. I get bored and need a change from time to time. I've been every color imaginable. A few weeks ago I had it dyed brown again. I think I like the dark auburn on you the best, but you have a lovely face so you don't look bad in any haircolor.

  3. Thanks for the compliment, I was trying to resize the pics so that my ugly mug wasn't so large, but I couldn't. I like changing my haircolor frequently because I can't leave my hair alone; if i'm not cutting it, i'm dying it.
  4. I like the black, but when spring comes I would go back to the auburn.
  5. You have really pretty eyes, and I think the black brings them out the most. I do like the lighter highlights though, but that is a much better look for spring/summer.
  6. You look beautiful in all but one stands out the most. I absolutely LOVE the auburn shade. Definately the best!
  7. i love the blue-black, i was thinking about going very dark myself. i'm the same way, always tweaking my haircolor.
  8. Any of them! You look great!

    I like the blue-black really well. I wish I could go that dark, but my skin is so dang white it just wouldn't work. You look great with dark hair.
  9. Thanks for the feedback! I decided to go super-black with my hair because I realized that at 36, I may not be able to pull off super dark hair for much longer. I used a demi-permanent color, so if I change my mind in a couple of months (which I am sure I will do), the color should be faded enough for me to go lighter again.
  10. Keep it black, if your natural color is a softer black, return to that, but add some auburn and maybe a couple of teeny tiny aubergine highlights, most of which are noticeable only in the sunshine.

    And yes, I am describing my own Dream Hair, which I have to wait to have because when it started growing in white I used permanent color to keep that fact secret, and the chemicals that would be necessary to remove that, AND the lightening process, would be a lethal combination that would ruin my hair, according to my Hair Artist, so let my sad tale be a lesson to all my sisters who share the World's Most Popular Hair Color, or as I like to call it, "regular," and when you start to see a little white stripe on either side of your part, use DEMI-Permanent, so you will have Options without having to wait years, because once it is ALL white, the world's your oyster, except that if it is naturally "regular," you are probably never going to look really good with anything much lighter than really strong coffee with no cream, even if your skin is light. This is because of undertones, and a lot of other complicated factors that have to do with the fact that God does a pretty good job as a color stylist, and his originals are better tweaked than radically altered.
  11. i like them all honestly. you probably have one of those skin tones that can support just about anything. however if pressed my VERY favorite is the goldish brown. i like the black because you're craving change (and it really does look good), but i'd probably go back to that eventually if it were me.

    ETA: holy crap! you're 36??? i really hope i look that good in 10 years.

  12. Yay! You picked the color I chose! It looks awesome on you - and yeah - you look super fab for 36... Not that 36 is old, it's crazy-young.:graucho: (I'll be there in a couple years!)
  13. Darker is better on your skin tone!:yes:
  14. I think the blue-black looks fab on you. It really compliments your skin!!
    I get bored with my hair so easily too and its the easiest thing to change for me!!!
  15. Wow, You look fantastic at 36 :smile: I love the dark brown with highlights. Am thinking of doing this soon_ putting in caramel hightlights. Right now my hair is jet black (naturally.) With your complexion, you can get away with any one of those options. I do like the black hair on you too, ( after a second look) Stay with that for the winter :smile: And thats my final answer. heheh