What hair color is this??

  1. What would this color be described as? Is it more of an auburn or ash?

  2. its not ASH at all..
  3. maybe chocolate? chestnut?
  4. Not auburn either.. Closer to chestnut I think?
  5. It seems like a neutral brown, not too warm nor cool. Beautiful, like chocolate.
  6. Looks like honey brown to me
  7. There is definatley different colours in this.
    The darkest I would say is kinda chocolate colour and lighter strips of honey/caramel.
  8. Not ash, and most certainly not auburn (auburn has more red to it). I'd say chestnut or dark caramel.

  9. ITA!
  10. Love the color. Wish I could get my hair color like that.
  11. I say light chestnut... but it looks two toned

    I love Audrina's hair soooo pretty!
  12. I agree! It looks like a neutral base-- not ash or gold. It's very similar to the color I do, which is medium neutral brown. It comes out chocolate brown on me.
  13. It looks like chestnut. I use to get Redken EQ hair color, if you have previous highlights in your hair, the EG glaze will adjust to your highlights, making it look like highlights even though you glazed it brown.

    Does that make sense? LOL. I hope so!
  14. I would say chocolate is the main colour with caramel added here and there. It looks beautiful.
  15. I think so too. Definitely not ash, which I think of as a shade of blonde.