What H items do you own that you have never worn out of the house?

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  1. Inspired by La Vanguardia's thread threatening to only wear what's already in her closet!:nuts:

    What H items have you never worn (if you've only tried it on and played with it at home but never manged to leave your residence wearing it, it counts as unworn).

    OK, I'll start::shame::shame::shame:

    Vache Natural Farming Basket PM
    Adroise Massai PM
    Tabac 35 Birkin
    Faubourg By Night Carre
    Another Carre from the India collection of a saddle
    Black Plisse with multi-colored designs
    Vert Bronze 37 Bolide
    Gold Swift Agenda
    Etoupe Ulysses PM (or maybe MM?)
    Rouge H Swift Kelly Pochette
    Etoupe suede Obladi bracelet
    Vache Natural bracelet with a sort of magnetic oversize Kelly-ish lock


    I do believe I am walking proof that there is something in the air and something in the leather at H that causes me to lose all perspective and control!
  2. many many silks - but i PLAN to wear them all in 2009!

    i'd like to see your tabac birkin and vert bronze bolide!!! and the rouge h kelly pochette....
  3. Waaaaay too many. Mainly scarves.
  4. many many scarves. bags too, i am ashamed to admit. i keep waiting for the perfect occasion or circumstance. i think i need a more glamorous life.......
  5. Yes, for me, they are scarves and shawls. I work in healthcare, so I only dress up on weekends, so some shawls/scarves wait MONTHS before they get to be worn for the first time.

    Right now I believe I have one shawl and about 3 scarves unworn.
  6. I've actually been meaning to post about this, because I own a gorgeous mousse stole in the Fuchsia pattern in a reddish or dark pinkish/orange changant CW that I've never worn, because I don't know what to do with it.

    Perhaps you wonderful ladies could help me???? It really does not look right with a white or black top, but wearing it with a different color seems odd. How would you wear it? It is pretty, but useless for me right now.:sad:
  7. Shoot! I was afraid someone would ask this question one day.

    Many scarves (but, I'll get to them!)
    The smaller Lindy in Vert Anis
    The larger Lindy in Black
    A few GM shawls
    Kelly loafers (they're new, though)
    Two cashmere blankets (I've had them for years)

    I'll get to everything but the Lindys, I doubt I ever use them. :sad:

  8. This poor, un-Hermes-ed mom is looking for Lindy *exercising* opportunities. Just send it my way, and I am sure I can help it get some light and air.

    :yes: :graucho:
  9. hey cinderlala - i assume you have checked out this thread? lots of great ideas here. post a picture, it sounds gorgeous, but hard to imagine it wouldn't look great with something simple like a black turtleneck or cream colored top?

  10. Uggh! You had to remind me of all the scarves sitting in my armoire that have never seen the light of day. My orange doblis Plume is often admired, but yet to be worn. Very sad.
  11. A scarf covered with ducks that DH bought me at an airport H shop....he usually makes good choices at H-not this one though!
  12. Hmm, ducks, yeah not an easy one to pull off! But it's the thought that counts!

    My DH gave me a baby blue scarf, not sure of the name, last year; said he picked it because I don't have this color in my scarf collection. I didn't have the heart to tell him it's because I don't look good wearing that color! It has been worn out of the house once, just for him.
  13. Only one scarf--my Couvee d'Hermes, which I was SO excited to finally track down--but it is stiff as a board!

    I don't know if it's the scarf year (I know some years were stiffer/starchier than others), or if the previous owner starched it, but whatever it is, it's not wearable until I get up the nerve to wash it!
  14. I think I've worn every H item I have (just various scarves/shawls and a cadena) at least once. But some no more than once, and I had to make myself wear them. There are a few scarves I love, but the color isn't the most flattering shade on me, or I can't figure out what to wear them with.
  15. I am shocked to say this, but ... none at all. Maybe it's because I don't have so many!