What H items are You? Throwback to LaVan's What H item I am Not?

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  1. I enjoyed reading LaVan's What H item I am not thread and since I'm in a "retro" kinda mood tonight lets post what H items you ARE!

    Without further ado... WHAT H ITEMS ARE YOU?

    Here's my signature:

    1. 30cm togo birkin with pall hardware- perfect size and no fuss leather

    2. Shawls: GM cashmere almost everyday (except the rare occasion when it's hot)

    3. Silver Bracelets: love the silver bracelets for a statement piece--only bracelets

    4. Rainbow SLG: I have a small rainbow of the SLG's I need, I love color so it's a perfect fit:smile:

    5. Black Kelly Riding boots: just got them, love them, wear them either underneath pants or over pants.

    6. Cadena: love to collect one each year

    7. Carmen: the perfect bag charm for a pop of fun (I take the carmen off the key ring and put it on a ball chain)

    Please share which H items are you :smile:
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    Again what a fun thread!!!!!! 1-birkin 40cm gold gold hw complicated and very noticeable Yet noble and helpful 2-a chain de ancre gm silver because I see my fiancée and love of my life as the anchor of my existence but I'm the chain that holds that anchor and keeps it safe and secure (corny as that may sound). 3-my brazil blue color way shawl because it's like the warmth and fun that my family represents in my life large and full of color fun and loudness I adore it. 4-and my vintage box Kelly reminds me of the past the present and the future always there always strong always classic always Hermes ! Well that's me in Hermes and oooohhhhhhhh and a 5th -tpf gives me the little breather I love everyday being here with my online friends .
  3. 1. Sac a livres toile Big, great carry all-and-anything.

    2. Silk gavroche 'Amis pour la vie' Sweet. Quirky. Just the right amount of silk to carry in one's pocket.

    3. Barenia condom case And then some.

    4. Men 'Quantum' hi-top sneaker (all styles, bar black) My silver pair are my babies.

    5. Silver-plate military cup Used every day, morning and night.

    All simple, useful, unfussy things suited to the casual way live, I guess :yes:
  4. I am a total scarfie. I will wear a scarf with anything - and sometimes TWO at the same time! I have scarves of every size from twilly to shawl, in all of my favorite colors. My wardrobe is very plain and classic, in black, white, red, turquoise - which gives me lots of leeway to pick out the perfect scarf. I admit it, I choose the scarf du jour FIRST, and then I choose what outfit to wear with it. :smile:

    Bags, jewelry, small leather goods, all are quite secondary to my love of silk, cashmere and cotton. A scarf a day keeps the blahs away!
  5. 1-Kelly bags (box leather)
    2-Silver Quark ring
    3-Black matte croc anything
    4-Ostrich anything (neutrals)
    5-Black Knitwear and black pants any fabric
    6-CDC Belts
    7-Black Juming Boots and leather jacket
    8-Silver Bracelets (the large and heavy ones)
    8-Silver watches (collection)
  6. 1) 35 Birkin (hopefully a box soon)
    2) Any size kelly :heart: (box)
    3) GM shawl
    4) H belt kit (the more the merrier)
    5) Carres (70 and 90's)
    6) leather bracelet for the wrist (CDCs, double tour, kelly dog)
    7) H boots :love:
  7. 1) Farandole - easy glamour and so wearable
    2) Gavroches when I am very busy and don't want lots of silk
    3) 90cm silk when the silk wont get in the way
    4) GM in colder months but wish they were not so pricey
    5) H belts and belt kits, worn most days in some form or other and I love matching belts with bags, rather than shoes with bags
    6) slim enamels but again have issue with price
    6) My under the radar bags (Bolide, Attelage, Herbag pochettes) as I like my H to be low key
  8. I'm all about the 35cm, Kelly or Birkin. Gm shawls definitely and I love the H enamels, clic clacs and leather bracelets! Love the Oran sandals in the summer too!
  9. scarves and twillys - wear them almost everyday from Autumn to Spring
    Kelly - only have one in 32 but surely won't stay lonely in my wardrobe
    Ulysses - so practical when I need to write down a note

    And I hope to get a belt soon, more SLG (a wallet, KDT)...the list is neverending
  10. I am a birkin. Love the ease of the tote style.
    I am a scarfie - 70 cm silks and GM shawls and jerseys. :heart:
    I am a lindy. Unique, gorgeous and user-friendly.

    I am not a kelly. As much as I'd like to be.
    I am not a CdC. I'm not cool enough to pull it off.
    I am not a jypsiere.
  11. 1) I am waiting to become a kelly gal - preferably sellier, in all variations
    2) Etoupe!
    3) Silk carre 90 cm in all variations that suit me
    4) Under the radar bags like Garden Party and Victoria
    5) Generally getting into all scarves
    6) Cheval d'Orient Porcellaine is my new addiction
  12. 35 Birkin
    Kelly Boots
    Exotic bracelets
  13. 1. Raisin togo Birkin 35. All-purpose, no muss, no fuss, not flashy.
    2. Ombre lizard or bleu brighton CDC. Edgy but classic, makes people look twice since the backdrop is so plain and unadorned.
    3. Jumbo necklace. Sort of unobtrusive but different.
    4. Jumping boots. Getting them back from the cobbler today, plan to wear them all the time!
    5. Mini-constance belt in black chamonix or box (reverses to etoupe swift)
  14. birkin 30 (love my 35 but it gets heavy)
    mini bearn wallet (forces me to minimize and carry less)
    jumping boots (black - love them over skinny jeans and leggings)
    rose ikebana perfume
  15. Love this thread!!!
    30cm Black Togo Birkin GHW (thought maybe I should be a 35 but then I'd just carry too much stuff around that I never use)
    Kelly long wallet in black box
    Kelly Double Tour in Black GHW
    Jumping Boots (Black)......See a pattern here - Maybe I need a little color? Nah
    Twilly on my bag
    H Belt Kit (in black of coarse - reverse side is etoupe)

    I want to be a Kelly 28 in black box and a CDC in black with gold....but I can't get my hands on them yet.