What H did you get for Christmas?

  1. What did you get for Christmas from Hermes?

    Orange was definitely the color of choice at this house-every girl in the family got something from H!

    Mom:brown & white pompoms, orange Carmen key chain, b&w bolduc scarf

    Sisters:four-leaf clover key chain, Kermit Oliver scarf (don't know the name!)

    Me:four-leaf-clover key chain, LaFayette scarf

    Daughter (13 yrs):cutest Hippo pikabook (they are so cute in person!)

    What did you get??:yes:
  2. I received from
    DH: New Orleans Jazz Scarf (blue colorway) and Un jardin perfume set
    Friend: kelly Caleche perfume and pocket square in orange/red colorway (don't know the name but it has shelves of french books)

    Other gift from DH and DD were not H, but still very special
  3. Fleur de Lis,

    That sounds wonderful! I have always wanted one of those pochettes (or scarf!) with the books! You do have a DH!
  4. my husband's parents got him a fanny pack....I just can't believe it.

    but I did give my MIL a pocket square
  5. LOL. The H one???

  6. An Hermes fanny pack??:confused1:
  7. oh no...just a plain old fanny pack. horrible.
  8. Well, my DH gave me money towards my 1st H purchase (I will hopefully get it in March)!:yahoo:
  9. It's the thought that counts.:smile:
  10. I got a H gift certificate from one of the directors in my company... not enough to do any damage, but enough to subsidize something yummy.
  11. OMG...I am so sorry!!
    At least it will provide an amusing anecdote for years to come?
    As for me, no H this Xmas...I did not expect any, as I have had more than my share this year. Or years.
    Merry Christmas all! Keep it coming, I love seeing all the goodies.
  12. Nothing today. But I did receive my RAOK gift of Kelly Caleche
    from Guccigal awhile ago. :smile: Congrats to everyone who got
    a little or BIG orange box (or boxes) ;)
    this holiday season. :smile: :heart:
  13. I Got The Lime Green/Vert Anis Tohu Bohu Cashmere Shawl ~ A Couple Weeks Ago For Hanukkah.
  14. I gave my Mum a cashmere/silk scarf "Forces de La Vie".
    She is 86,and she loves it!
  15. Unfortunately an H nightmare... But fortunately it's just a bad dream. *phew*

    Now I'm just living vicariously through everyone else's H goodies. Merry Christmas everyone!