What H bag would you take to ___??? H and Travel, Cont.

  1. In the spirit of recent threads related to travel with H bags... Questions and answers related to "goodness of fit"... What H bag would be just right where?

    What H bag would you take to ____?

    LOL, I am going to Portland this weekend for a work-related conference...
  2. when i travel i want something big so when im, souvenir shopping i can stuff the small stuff in my bag [and i get alot]

    so i would prefer the birkin or the bolide
  3. I spent the last two days attending meetings in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale and brought my potiron garden party tote with me. It was perfect! It fit my files and dorky calculator and still looked great!
  4. My answers will be completely hypothetical as I have NO H bags right now ...:wtf: :crybaby:

    i would take my fuchsia ostrich kelly to any nice dinner and formal alumni gathering
    i would take my fuchsia ostrich birkin to any nice lunch and gathering with friends
    i would take my fuchsia exotic jpg everywhere
    i would take my fuchsia ostrich bolide to work
  5. I take Miss Evelyne whenever I travel. I'd love to get a Massai in a dark color too because it would be great for travel/errands/every day.
  6. my mom said her birkins are too heavy to take traveling, compared to her other bags.....
  7. I don't have the perfect H bag for Portland/work, so will be taking my LV tote and Chanel Diamond Stitch bag... (Wish I could take one bag for 2.5 day trip...but just can't be done...)

    I need to look at the trim and GP bags again...

    NS, Does the GP make a good work bag? Can it carry a laptop?
  8. SoCal,
    The GP is great for work!
    you can fit laptop,documents and personal belongings into it.
    i have the toile/black leather combo and it works great with suit as well!
    i really can recommend it!!!
  9. Have not got a Birkin :crybaby: which I would take, so my 32 cm Kelly :love: comes along with her cousin (don't kill me!) Chanel 2.55 :love: (small black with gold h/w) for evenings out. Work related stuff goes in my apple laptop bag.
  10. Great idea SoCal!!

    What H bag would you take on a SKI trip in Switzerland during the winter holidays?
  11. SoCal, the standard size GP (35cm) is the PERFECT work bag! It can fit a laptop and so much more. While I usually carry small bags while not at work, the GPT makes a great alternative to a briefcase or laptop bag. I love it!!
  12. ^^All this GP talk has got me thinking--must go check them out!

    My 35cm Birkins really suit all my daily needs for the moment, and I travel with them as well. I do stray and throw in a Balenciaga black City into the suitcase b/c it folds up so nicely or a Chanel 2.55 in Black.

    For evening, I break out my 30cm, and hopefully next year a Black Kelly will be ordered, and that will be used for the evening or daytime errands.

    For casual weekends with DD at the park or zoo, perhaps the Potiron Evelyne that will be arriving on my doorstep in a few days will work. I need a shoulder/messenger bag so I have free arms to scoop up a getaway toddler.
  14. For the Zoo, I use a simple Prada backpack because I don't have an Eveylne yet - or else, that's what I'd use! hehe

    For a Ski Trip, I'd take a Bolide
    For a trip to Europe, a Kelly or Bolide

    I love taking my Trim 31 on trips. Nice enough to go from day-into evening, practical for shopping and through the airport...
  15. Depends on where I'm going too - if security is an issue, Birkins are out. But my Kelly Lakis is always a great travelling bag, and also the Bolide.