What guilty pleasure did you indulge in today?

  1. Its 9:30am and I was just having one of those days. Just went and got a 3 musketeers from the vending machine. Mmmm so good!
  2. Nutella..I like to eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon
  3. garlic bread w/ herb olive oil, yummy
  4. Yesterday I had Easy Mac and an extra glass of shiraz :shame:
  5. Kettle-cooked potato chips and it's only noon. Ugh.
  6. a medium cup of coffee
  7. 3 chocolate cupcakes frosted with Nutella! :drool: And then I ate some nutella straight out of the jar :shame:
  8. A whole bar of hersheys white chocolate :rolleyes:
  9. tonight i'm going to have ben and jerry's peach cobbler ice cream
  10. A sliver of Chocolate Angel Food Cake that I made over the weekend and am now getting a chance to finally try it!:upsidedown:
  11. glass of wine
  12. 2 shortbread cookies. They were so buttery that I had to hold them with a napkin lol. But they were on sale at Trader Joes...and they were staring me down while I was waiting on line to check out so ughhh i had to buy them :push: i'm seriously considering throwing the rest of the box away just to get them out of the house!!
  13. A spoonfull of nutella
  14. An entire bag of pirate booty as lunch. This always happens :shame:
  15. Sigh. Hershey Kisses and a few of those little Mini-Snickers. Must. Stop. Munching.