What guilty pleasure did you indulge in today?

  1. Shrimp with cashew nuts, and chicken fried rice. I feel sick. It was so good, and Im so full.
  2. I ate so poorly today!

    I had a huge plate of nachos with cheese, beans, sour cream, chicken, salsa, and guacamole. I'm still full!
  3. I just made an angel food cake with fresh blackberries and cool whip! It was yummy!
  4. I had a big bowl of chicken fried rice with lots of soy sauce.
  5. I had pizza for dinner but I also accompanied it with a Greek salad so not totally unhealthy! hehe
  6. Ceaser salad
    Steak :drool:
  7. 4 Lindor chocolate truffle squares (dark, so not too unhealthy!).
  8. A sausage biscuit and hash brown this morning at McDonald's. :crybaby: It was just so delicious! I'm eating healthy the rest of the day, though!
  9. Dunkin Donuts!!! Now I have to work out again.
  10. Ferrero Rocher...I like to eat them while I read, such a bad habit.
  11. Oh man, I've been craving donuts for the past week and still haven't gotten any!

    Today I had a bunch of cheez-its and also some tortilla chips w/ guacamole.
  12. I had a couple of Harry and David dark chocolate truffles. They are ridiculously good.
  13. Today it's my chocolate cake coffee w/ half & half. I love this stuff, it's like dessert for breakfast.
  14. LOL, great thing i can't find that around, I'd be soo big!
    I indulged in apple crumble I made for my DS, ended up eating most of it...
  15. 500g Red Rock Sweet Chilli Chips - so good! but I feel sick now :biggrin: