What guilty pleasure did you indulge in today?

  1. frappe isnt a food but a drink :p
  2. eli's potato chips
  3. Margaritas!! I shouldn't have - trying to lose 5-10 pounds ASAP - but you have to live on occasion!
  4. A red velvet cupcake :graucho:
  5. chocolate souffle with vanilla ice cream on the side :lol:
  6. tater tots
  7. One and a half chocolate chip toffee walnut cookies.
  8. Cheesecake
  9. Peanut butter... straight out of the jar!
  10. Peanut butter/banana smoothie from Robeks
    Nutella right out of the jar
  11. chocolate chip cookies
  12. lots of champagne :drinkup:
  13. vanilla macaroon
    lemon macaroon
  14. 3 baci
  15. Instant noodles
    Fatty BBQ pork