What guilty pleasure did you indulge in today?

  1. Morning dr pepper
  2. It's not technically high in calories, but, it felt decadent. Tasted as delicious as any brownie a la mode I've gotten in a restaurant :p

    I made blueberry banana "ice cream" with my Yonanas, topped it over a Fiber One brownie bar (so many gross ingredients but I am addicted to them,) and sprinkled on a few Ghiradelli semi sweet chocolate chips - for breakfast! :loveeyes:

    Total calories: 260

    Fiber One brownie - 90
    Medium frozen banana - 100
    1/2 cup blueberries - 40 calories
    Sprinkle of chocolate chips - 30 calories
  3. Snapeas. I am addicted to these.
  4. Oh they are SO GOOD
  5. Kalamata olives
  6. Vanilla Coke
  7. strawberry Greek frozen yogurt
  8. vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup
  9. rice crispy treat
  10. baci
  11. beer & chips
  12. Cheese danish
  13. Funfetti cupcakes, banana pudding, and graham crackers
  14. cheeseburger
  15. potato chips from eli's