What guilty pleasure did you indulge in today?

  1. Happy birthday! Oreos are yummy.
  2. I made grilled cheese with two slices instead of one. I didn't even use low fat or fat free cheese AND I slathered the bread in butter. I am bad.
  3. devil's chocolate cake
  4. bacon
  5. brownie bites
  6. Jelly doughnut
  7. Chorizo.
  8. Chicken tikka masala with garlic naan.
  9. My MIL homemade peach cobbler. 2 servings. Kill me now, sugar overload!
  10. chocolate chip cookies and angel food cake
  11. a scoop of baskin robins ice cream
  12. some dulce de leche ice cream
  13. a Magnum double chocolate bar. Those suckers are like heroin.
  14. cookie dough brownie