What guilty pleasure did you indulge in today?

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  1. Cheetos. :ninja:

  2. A king size Kit Kat bar....I feel really bad, but it tasted oh so good.
  3. A LOT of sushi. Yum.
  4. I had a slice of Girdlebuster Pie. :shame:
  5. A slice of cheese pizza :smile:
  6. At least some chocolate every day. Even if it's just a nibble.
  7. Yesterday was bad- dad's b-day lunch. Chocolate cake at lunch and then chocolate cupcakes I had made for him later that night. So, really 3 servings of cake in one day. :s
  8. I just finished two slices of cinnamon toast!:P
  9. Burger King for lunch.

    And last night, Ben & Jerry's cherry garcia icecream. :blush:
  10. nothing...yet. tonite is bf's bday so well be going to our fav steak house where i shall be indulging on steak wine and a delicious dessert of some sort :smile:
  11. yesterday - red robin for lunch.
    today- i am eyeing tortilla chips and queso dip.
  12. Chex Mix!
  13. a salted nut roll for lunch.
  14. Oh now I want some Cheetos!

    I had some chocolate, a few pieces! Next, I will have some brie and crackers! :graucho:
  15. fries!