What gucci bag should my friend get?

  1. My friend is going to New York next week and wants to get her first gucci. She wants one in the black fabric. I was thinking the pelham single strap would be nice. What are some of your suggestions?
  2. Oh, by the way she is 5'8" and slender. She is also 30 yrs old. Hope this info may help.
  3. What is her budget?
  4. probably up to 1500.
  5. I agree this is an AMAZING looking bag

  6. Or this one $1270

  7. Or $1395

  8. oh beljwl,
    good second pick! agreed! :tup:
  9. Or I HIGHY recommend the Black Guccissima

    This one is $1040

  10. I was at the brand new Beverly Center Gucci in Los Angeles and they had the new line in. There are some amazing new purses coming out in 2 weeks. There is one leather bag that I am totally in love with. I just don't know the name of it yet.
  11. She is going to have a HARD time deciding...

  12. I know. I wish I could be there with her to help her out. Thanks bejwl for all your suggestions.
  13. I know the Britt exceeds her budget, but oh my :drool: It's a classic, sooooo timeless :tup: