What grooms are left?

  1. Just curious- what groom pieces have you seen as of late? Elux still has the cles and round, but I'm just curious to see what inventory is like in the boutiques.
  2. at wailea there is cles and rond and i think the pochette wallet.
  3. I've seen both keycases and that's about it; though I don't know if there would be a problem getting ahold of anything but the Zippy wallet...that one is a bit more difficult to locate.
  4. Today a woman bought a cles and a rond I think in yellow. This was at the Ala Moana store in Hawaii.
  5. About 2 weeks ago, I found the groom zippy wallet in green and the compact wallet in blue.
  6. :p I've seen the compact wallet
  7. How much is it retailing for?

    Anyone can help me get it? :smile:
  8. I *think its a blue groom agenda @ LV, Saks, San Antonio, TX.
  9. I believe the groom cles retails for $200 and the rond retails for $250. :smile:
  10. I have seen the zippy, compact wallet and agendas at Saks in Boston
  11. i wish they had the cles at my locate lvs but no luck all they had left was the agenda ><
  12. I just bought the groom cles and the saleslady at the LV store in Chicago said I got the last one!
  13. What exactly did they make in red?
    And in blue?

    Just so I know if I even could have ever gotten the items I wanted in the right colors? lol
  14. They made the pochette wallet, agenda, and keyring in red, and they made the compact zipped wallet, agenda, and keyring in blue!
  15. Oh, and there are still most of the groom items available in the boutiques in New Zealand