What Groom piece comes in blue?

  1. I got confused after reading several posts about what Groom pieces will come in blue. Can anyone list them and the price? Will the zippered key cles come in blue? I would love to buy that!
  2. I think only the agenda and compact wallet come in blue. (What I've seen.)
  3. yes only the agenda and the sompact zippe wallet come in blue.
  4. Yes, only the zipped compact wallet ($540 usd) and the agenda ($300 usd) are available in the blue. I'm loving the blue as well. Hopefully I can still get one in the agenda ...sooooooooon :smile:
  5. The blue is my favorite. I wish the cles came in blue.
  6. Agreed ! :yes:
  7. Same here. The only other blue thing is that little keychain with the "show me your luggage..." saying, but there isn't a stripe or anything like the wallet and agenda have.
  8. The pictures that I've seen are mostly red or yellow (or is it orange?). I haven't seen a blue one much.
  9. I love the blue :love: I'm STILL waiting for the compact zipped wallet to get here and I'm bidding on a blue agenda now.
  10. Blue's my favorite too.
  11. I love the blue also.
  12. I have the blue agenda and I love the color. Such an eye popping blue. Lovely.

    I'm glad there is another blue fan. I feel like everyone likes the red. Though it is gorgeous, the red is selling like crazy!
  13. The blue is my favorite as well - I really wish the cles was in blue!
  14. Blue for me too, i'm hoping to get the agenda soon!!
  15. i like it in blue as well!!!