What Goyard Are You Wearing Today?

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  1. aww thank you!!! [emoji173]️[emoji8]
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  2. Love your red Anjou. Somehow the red on the Artois didn't seem to pop as much. Like dimmer. Am now thinking should I do red Anjou MM as I already have blue Mini sized one. Love my little mini Anjou.
  3. hi! :smile: aww thank you!! xx i really love the anjou best among all the goyard totes. oh i love the blue too...hoping to get an mm (pm is too small for my frame) blue some day. hehe :P are you still thinking of getting an mm? i would definitely go for the red anjou vs artois. :smile: x
  4. Yes am definitely going for MM now. Just still trying to decide between red and yellow since I just bought the red Artois. So for Goyard items been trying to alternate colours of items I buy so I don't end up with a collection of one colour and then get . So far have grey, light blue, black, dark blue, green coloured items. Red Artois is on its way so thought maybe try yellow Anjou MM?...the SAs have to be soooo patient with me as I always take forever with colour decisions in store! And that's before I go into the personalisation colour dilemma. If goyard ever brought in more colours, I'd be in there the whole day just trying to decide colour!
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  5. wow, you are truly a goyard fan!!! :smile:) please share your goyard family group photo! how awesome!! :smile:) i only have 2 pieces so far...the gm red anjou and a white personalized luggage tag... i love goyard red, light blue, and orange, and i really really hope they will bring back the limited edition light pink color! hehee i can definitely relate to “taking forever with color decisions and personalization color dilemma!” initially, i wanted to personalize the anjou, too, but my SA suggested not to coz the paint will crack and fade pretty soon. i wish goyard would do their personalization the way LV does theirs... looking forward to your goyard family shot!! :smile:) xx
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  6. Carrying my Goyard Jersey to the office today...

  7. Hi, do you know if there's more than one style of luggage tag? Or is there only 1, in different colors? I saw a photo on TPF of a luggage tag that they said was $175. Do they have any at a lower price point?
  8. hi! how are you liking your Anjou? i currently have the Artois and I'm thinking of selling it to get the Anjou bc the Artois canvas is so structured.. i prefer a smooshier canvas like the anjou, for an everyday look. Would you say the Anjou is more durable than the st louis, in terms of the corners not wearing as bad as the st louis? thanks!
  9. hi kitty :smile:
    sorry took me awhile to reply, i wanted to take a photo of my luggage tag for you. this is the white one i got. i’ve seen a few different goyard tags online as well, but this model i got was the only style they had in the store when i bought it together with my anjou. it is available in all goyard colors. i had a hard time choosing which color i wanted. :P i checked my receipt and it says “pte badge residence blanc”. the receipt did not give a breakdown separating the price of the tag and the monogrammed service, but the total was $470 before tax.
  10. hello kristine :smile:
    i’m sorry i won’t be able to give you a legit advise since i only have the anjou. i chose to get the anjou because i prefer the leather interior (or exterior if you wear it leather side out :smile: ) and also it is a lot less common and doesn’t look as ‘casual’ (if that makes sense :P) i did check out all three styles though, it was an immediate love-at-first-sight towards the anjou. :smile: i don’t wear mine as an everyday bag, so mine that i got in may this year still looks as new. i really love anjou very much!! [emoji7][emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji173]️
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  11. Thanks! I love the white. I looked at this model once I made it into the store and I want to say it was 360 for the tag, I may have to look for a pre loved one
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  12. First contribution

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  13. At work with my beloved Black/Tan Jersey...


    Schlepping a couple of custard buns...

  14. My Goyard family today.

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  15. Today’s bag

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