What Goyard Are You Wearing Today?

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  1. IMG_1484446755.443547.jpg

    Carrying montecarlo clutch for a formal event.
  2. Carried my black/tan Saint Louis GM out today...



  3. Belvedere PM! IMG_0660.JPG
  4. Using this Senat PM as a clutch today!

  5. Saint Louis GM!

  6. Not going to beach but shopping with my Belharra [emoji8]
  7. Poolside in Ibiza with my St Louis GM...

  8. Unfortunately I don't have a photo to upload, will try later, but my St Louis GM in black/black! Love her :heart:
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  9. out with my anjou gm for brunch...with my blythe doll who's also carrying a goyard tote! :smile: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    IMG_7017.JPG IMG_7019.JPG IMG_7030.JPG
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  10. Carrying my Goyard Jersey out to brunch...

  11. brought my anjou out again! i love it so much!! [emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji173]️ IMG_1505330767.668012.jpg
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  12. Out and about with my Saint Louis GM...


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