What Goyard Are You Wearing Today?

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  1. ^So preeettyyy :heart::heart:
    I really wish Goyard would release the Pink Goyardine again :sad:
  2. Senat mini in black/black and PM in Black/Tan in my LV speedy 40.
  3. Hellow Yellow.. Always fall in love with this bag everytime I use it.. [emoji173]️
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  4. Learning about Goyard and enjoying this thread - thanks so much for the lovely pics!!!
  5. Here's who's riding with me in the car today on my way to a riding lesson and then errands!

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  6. Out and about with my Goyard scarf and St Louis tote in red IMG_1475013716.903860.jpg
  7. Victoria Bag:biggrin: IMG_0321.JPG
  8. Thanks! He's doing well, just being as naughty as ever!
  9. Love your victoria bag. I love it how you pair with the blue luggage tag!
  10. Thanks Alizhan - it's my first foray into Goyard so thought I'd go all out!
  11. IMG_1478261096.259163.jpg

    My go to carry on tote
  12. Daily work bag at the moment. I buy or bring loads of groceries (fresh veggies and fruits) almost everyday...

    It's the GM in navy btw

  13. Wore my black/tan Saint Louis GM today...

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  14. Looks great on you!
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  15. IMG_1483136206.260553.jpg
    Obsessed with this bag! [emoji7]
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