What Goyard Are You Wearing Today?

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  1. Congrats! Love it. Mind if I ask what country you managed to get this in :smile:
  2. I hear you! I’m this color I couldn’t resist it even though I’ll be dealing with issues. I just love it ❤️. Looks great on you!
  3. I got it in japan
  4. Such a great bag. They have been impossible to get!
  5. That looks great on you!
  6. i was so lucky, the day i came to store i also saw 1 more in orange
  7. 4E8BA6B3-CB0C-4B21-9537-F329296B5602.jpeg DD30B61A-10E9-4A24-84F6-9B3982D09E78.jpeg F43F18F9-EACA-4FCF-B1CE-EBABDAD28D93.jpeg
    I’ve officially joined the club! I love that my Artois PM is more bag than tote so I can use it daily outside work. I also posted a pic of it next to my Faure Le Page Daily Battle 27. It’s quite smaller. My only negative is that it’s a light cream/white inside. I ordered an organizer to help protect it and just putting everything in pouches for now
  8. That is soooo cute! Can I please ask the name of it and how much it was? Thank you :smile:
  9. Its Goyard cap vert, i bought it in japan, i think around 2100$
  10. Easy to wear, easy to use. Loving my (new-to-me) SL PM!

  11. St Louis PM in Red:
  12. IMG_1279.JPG IMG_1280.JPG

    Artois pm in burgundy with Hermes pm foubi.
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  13. Sitting in the passenger seat today!

    Attached Files:

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  14. Can I ask how much this piece was and what exactly it is called? Thank you :smile:
  15. B113E7EE-E058-4D52-85E7-FE08640F1CDD.jpeg Navy Anjou PM from Paris trip
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