What Goyard Are You Wearing Today?

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  1. finally get to use this beauty today.. the new zip wallet
  2. So pretty!!
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  3. 1F164B3B-985E-4F06-AF82-9CAB2BBC179B.jpeg The Black and Tan.
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  4. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  5. My St Louis in large size 116C384C-A843-4C4E-8EBE-9247795C6569.jpeg AD239414-8021-49D0-8ABE-054A223FB0B5.jpeg AD06EFE7-D7DD-4EE9-9D24-F9A2CA819689.jpeg
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  6. Again St Louis large in black 9A4DAC14-E9FE-46EF-8EB3-018984D0D810.jpeg 91042EAF-09C8-4EC9-B917-5A24B088779C.jpeg
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  7. I know you did this months ago, but I didn’t know you could have them PAINT YOUR DOGS:eek:
    I’ve never opted for personalization...I just assumed you had to pick one of their designs and that the ‘personalization’ just consisted of choosing the color combo and placement.
    How did this work...? You emailed a photo, or had to enclose an actual printed photo...? Can you designate how much of the dog you want, or they automatically just do the face..?
  8. I know, I was unaware of all the things they could do until the SA showed me pictures of all the things people have done. I just emailed a picture of my dog and then they had the artist sketch out what it would look like. They also have to send to Paris to get it approved. I think you can tell them how much of your dog you want but they have limited space to put on smaller items (like wallets). Usually the SA or artist will discuss placement and sizing. I think it's definitely worth it!
  9. 202118F9-1192-45C8-8437-8CB0B71C42AD.jpeg
    Yes, I guess they want approval to make sure they aren’t installing anything obscene on their pattern.
    Thank you for responding!! Personalization is now completely appealing.
  10. Your pup is so cute! That face!:heart::heart:
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  11. He loves fashion. New clothes coming in, he MUST see. If it becomes clear it’s something for HIM, he gets terribly excited and will lift each foot without being prompted so you can pull the sleeves on then preens around like he’s walking for Versace. So it’s fitting he adorn such finery as Goyard. I have a yellow STL that might be good, or maybe black/black and he can painted in a bright color.
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  12. Just got this Boeing 45 in the mail today. I need to add a luggage tag to it in the near future.

  13. Artois and luggage tag bought in Milan yesterday, on its way to Bangkok today.

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  14. Marie galante at the Ritz Central Park
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  15. Very beautiful bag!
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